ive experienced it all, being friends with my ex’s exes, calling my ex names and all that crap—and here are the lessons i learned: 1) the friendship goes away after i moved on, 2) i realized putting things on blast solved nothing, 3) i made myself look like a complete idiot, 4) calling my ex names were, in retrospect, incredibly immature and unnecessary, 5) dusting it off and move on is the best way to deal with a heartbreak.

i know its upsetting, i know how angry we all can be when facing betrayal, cause ive been there. but really, true strength lies in the ability to move on, let go and most importantly to not let the hurtful experience defines you. knowing your worth means focusing more on self improvement, a lot less on playing the victim.. why? cause i think its naive to think that a problem in a relationship is entirely one person’s fault. know what you did wrong and be a better person for your next significant other.

heartbreak and betrayal are the two hardest lessons to learn in life but it will pass, and will definitely be one of your best learning experience in life. something to look back one day and smile or maybe even laugh at. so just breathe and move on.

dont be bitter, be better and feel better.❤️

(sorry, had to give my two cents cause i can definitely relate. what was going around social media about brian and aja is none of my business and i really am not interested in what actually happened and how.. but since i cant stand the negativity floating around, i think what ive experienced might be worth sharing.. so here it is)

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